Water Heater Repair San Diego

Are you in need of water heater repairs in San Diego County? No hot water, leaking water heater, strange noises, or discolored water are all signs that you need a professional to inspect and repair your water heater. Middle of the night? Don’t worry – our water heater repair plumbers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fleet of vehicles are dispersed around San Diego county, so we can assist your emergency water heater needs quickly and efficiently.


Water Heater Problems

If you don’t have any hot water and you’ve checked the pilot light (gas heater) or circuit breaker (electric heater), it’s clearly time for a water heater repair. Our technicians are all experts at proper diagnosis and we hold ourselves to high standards in repairing only what is necessary. If you think you may need to replace your water heater with a new water heater installation, we can provide assistance in determining whether a repair will be sufficient, and consult with you about your replacement options.

Note: If you hear bubbling or gurgling inside the tank, that’s an emergency situation.   You’re at risk of a steam explosion and should call us immediately.

Professional Water Heater Service San Diego

Are you looking for a reliable, professional water heater service plumber in San Diego? ASAP Water Heaters is your answer. Our specially trained technicians are the best in the business. Whether you need a residential water heater service or commercial water heater service, our uniformed employees are up to date with UL, CSA, ASME, and ASHRAE guidelines and requirements, as well as local codes.

We encourage all homeowners, as well as facility owners and managers, to contact us for a free consultation and to discuss a customized water heater service schedule.

Why Water Heater Maintenance?

Although it doesn’t have countless moving parts like your car, regular preventive maintenance is a good idea for hot water heaters. That’s especially true for tankless water heaters and commercial installations. An annual flush and drain removes sediments for improved efficiency, more hot water, and a longer equipment lifetime with fewer repair trips. Regular water heater service greatly reduces the risk of downtime.

ASAP Water Heaters scheduled maintenance program also includes thorough inspections and testing. That’s especially important for gas burners and their venting to reduce the chances of a carbon monoxide hazard.