San Diego Commercial Water Heater Installation, Repair and Maintenance


Does your facility need commercial water heater repair services?  Whether emergency repairs, scheduled commercial water heater maintenance, or commercial water heater installation, ASAP Water Heaters has you covered.

Our fast-response 24 hours a day 7 days a week coverage and efficient work minimizes downtime, and our experience and training assures that everything will be done properly.  Of course we’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  All work is done by our in-house staff, and our master plumbers permit us to address major challenges such as gas line issues in our services.

Commercial versus Residential Hot Water Heaters

Sometimes facilities make the mistake of installing residential DHW heaters where commercial units are really called for.  The choice is not simply a matter of tank capacity or even burner output.

At ASAP our plumbers are experienced with both light and heavy duty commercial heaters, including glass-on-steel, stainless steel, and polybutylene tank construction.  We’ve worked with systems rated in the millions of BTUH and hundreds of gpm.   But most importantly we fully understand all the issues and details of commercial grade equipment.

These features include:

  • High-capacity burners for a continuous supply of hot water
  • Modulating burners for greater efficiency, more stable temperatures, and higher performance
  • Forced-air burners and power venting for improved efficiency and safety
  • Advanced heat exchangers for greater efficiency, increased performance, and longer lifetime at heavy usage
  • More durable stainless steel construction, including venting, casing, and jackets for longer lifetime
  • Closed-loop systems for instant hot water delivery
  • Built-in diagnostics to speed repairs and alert to immanent problems
  • NSF approvals for kitchen service, such as sanitation-temperature thermostats.

Commercial Tankless Water Heaters

Commercial facilities can almost always accommodate the higher gas, electric, and venting requirements of a tankless.  Commercial units are built and rated for heavier use, but have similar BTUH capacities as residential units.  Because of this, multiple heaters are usually banked together in the mechanical room.  Commercial tankless water heaters can also be cost-effective in distributed remote locations, avoiding the cost and heat losses of running both hot and cold water lines across large facilities.  It often also proves cost-effective to install a standard water heater for the overall facility, and a tankless unit where higher temperatures are needed, such as in a kitchen.

24/7 Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Commercial Water Heater Installation Services

For whatever reason you need a new commercial water heater installation — a leaking tank, end of economical lifetime, or a capacity or code upgrade — ASAP has the experience and expertise that it takes.  In most situations we can remove an existing heater and complete a water heater replacement in a single day.

Our expertise and experience includes tankless water heaters as well as standard heaters.  Our full-service commercial water heater installation services cover all code requirements, such as earthquake bracing and strapping and overflow drains, and can include piping and valves, expansion tanks, timers, recirculation pumps, and gas line upgrades.

Commercial Water Heater Repairs

When you call ASAP for commercial water heater repairs we will dispatch a well-trained and experienced diagnostics expert ready to identify and repair any problem.  Our inspection and testing checklist includes the following.


  • Pilot lights and thermocouples
  • Thermostats and gas control valves
  • Thermal and pressure relief valves
  • Burner assemblies
  • Electronic and electro-mechanical controls
  • Sacrificial protection anodes
  • Vent flues
  • Pipes and fittings

ASAP’s Master plumbers are also qualified and licensed for gas line repairs.

Commercial Water Heater Maintenance

We firmly believe that scheduled commercial water heater maintenance should be part of every facilities preventive maintenance plan.  In the long run it’s a financial winner, reducing repairs, extending equipment lifetimes, and above all avoiding interruptions and minimizing downtime.

We encourage facility owners and managers to call us and together we’ll create a facility-specific customized plan.  That commercial water heater maintenance plan can include inspections, tank flushing and draining, pilot light and gas adjustments, burner cleaning and adjustments, relief valve checks, and more at various intervals.  As a full-service plumbing company that plan can also include maintenance services for drains and your entire plumbing system.